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My Approach


These consultations are included within all packages. 

I believe in offering consultations as I believe meeting before your wedding day is a MUST. You'd want to know that you feel comfortable with me and are able to relax. You don't want to be worrying about your photographer(s) on your special day.


During these meetings, I really listen to every detail. Not only is it good for me to gain all of the information, it will certainly help put your mind at ease and help build a friendship along the way. 

Online Photo Album

Once the photos have been edited, they will be placed in an online album here on my website. You will be able to find them under, 'My Photos'.


All albums that are online, are password protected. Once the album is ready, you will receive the password and link and you may share the link to whom you wish. 

The Big Day

Coming up to your wedding day, we would've discussed what time you would like me to arrive.

There is only a small fraction of your day which will be organised by myself, which we would've discussed prior. Other than that, relax whilst I document your day.

My approach in taking photos on your wedding day is very relaxed. I love getting those natural shots as I believe they show so many different emotions. I've had many people say they thought I was one of the guests because of how easy going and friendly I am with everyone throughout the day. 

 Not only do I make sure I capture those special moments between you and your newly wed. I make sure I capture your guests and the fine details. You would've both put in a lot of time and planning in your wedding, I'll be there to capture everything for your memories. 

Engagement Shoot

Included in any package.

More often than not, I do get couples that say that they're pretty shy in front of a camera and they don't know how to act. Well, that is what this is for. Once we have already done our consultation, we would've got to know one another comfortably. You can pick a location which you believe is best for you, if not i'm happy to suggest a location which will work for you. 

What happens next

We would've discussed throughout the lead up to your wedding if you're interested in a photo album or not. Some couples have said no to an album in the past, however, they then change their minds once they have seen the photos. This is absolutely fine if you do wish to have an album once you have seen your photos. 

The next step will be for me to design the album once we have selected the material. You will receive a proof of the album and if any editing needs to be done, we will amend together. 

If you do not wish to have a photo album, you will receive your photos on a usb and a personalised gift. 

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